Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration provides the highest education to those who aspire to be executive and entrepreneurs equipped with world-class skills and knowledge to conquer the competitive environment of business. As such, it provides only the most comprehensive training on various managerial theories and practices which encompass research methodologies and other related disciplines that are vital to advanced business decision-making. Given this training, it opens doors for businessmen to hold top executive positions in first-rate multinational companies. The program is grounded on its primary aim to further expand the students’ appreciation of the both national and international management issues that will help them improve the global society. Consistent with this objective is the aim to inculcate outstanding competence, based on theory and practice, on dealing with administrative conflicts associated with several management issues. The program aims to produce business professionals who well equipped and active in the field of applied business research.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have at least one of the following:

Program Structure


Duration: 24 to 36 months


Program Learning Outcomes